ARTWORK - Production ready artwork must be in vector format such as .eps, .ai, .cdr,... If you do not have vectorized artwork, our in house graphic designer can convert your image to vector format from a PDF, JPEG, internet image, or even a photograph. The cost for vector conversion is $25.00. If you don't have artwork, but an idea, our graphic designer can create  a design for you from scratch. Graphic designer charges are $75 per hour. 


​​​Our screen printing is done in-house, by us. We can print on almost any garment and have access to almost every wholesale brand available. We maintain a full print schedule. Your deadline is important for us to know so that we can get your order out when you need it. 


- Our minimum order for screen printing is 12 pieces. For orders less than 12 pieces heat transfer vinyl will be used. 

- Our screen charge is $20.00 per screen. One screen is required for each color, at each location. For example, if you want a small  image on the front chest that                                                                                             has  2 colors in it, and a large image on the back that has one color, it will require 3 screens to be made to produce                                                                                               that. The $20 covers the printed film of the image, screen development, set up on the press, the breakdown,                                                                                                               cleaning and reclaiming of the screen. Some companies charge an additional "set up". We do not.                                - Our standard production time is 10 business days from the day we receive your signed, approved virtual sample.                                                                              Express service is available for additional fees that will be determined on a per job basis depending on the                                                                                                             complexity of the job and how quickly it is needed.                                                                                                      - We require a 50% deposit on every job BEFORE your virtual sample is created and submitted to you.

                                                                                         Once we receive your signed approval of the virtual sample, we will begin production. 

​- Payment in full is due at time of pick up/delivery.